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Gateway of India Location

The Indian Gateway is situated in southern part of Mumbai and it is present in the Maharashtra state.

These places have been built through the yellow basalt and it is making use of concrete as well.

The Indian Gateway architecture is combined of the Islamic and Indian architecture style and it is known as the Indo-Saracenic.

This monument is built 26 meters high from the ground and dome is approximately 15 meters at center.

The governments of India have spent twenty-one lakhs Rupees on its construction.

It was in year 1911, when the planning was being done for its construction and it is considered as a mark of Queen Mary and V King George.

The design of this monument has been prepared by the George Wittet and it was in year 1915, when the actual construction was begun.

This monument had to bear a very slow process of construction and foundation got finished in the year 1920 and in year 1924, it was finally over.

It had taken 4 years for complete building the wall of this monument. It was in the year 1924, on 4th of December, when Viceroy of British four had opened the Gateway.

This was use for the purpose of receiving all those guests that visited to Mumbai.

Currently, this place is regarded as one of the busiest places and it is the best place where you will be able to hang out along with your friends.


There are many of you that will be looking in the Gateway of India location map.

This place is connected with transporting system and you can choose any transport according to your convenience.

You will be easily getting access to the local trains from the Bandhra, Sivaji, Chatrapathi as well as railway station of Andheri.

These local trains are occupied by the seven million people. You will be easily getting access to the bus services, taxis and autos and that are available from various parts of the Mumbai and have fun.