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How to Reach

How to Reach Gateway Of India

Through Plane

Mumbai is having access to excellent connectivity and it is connected with all major cities of world and that includes Dubai, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, London and many more.

There are many of you that will be flying through the Europe and it is very cheap as well. You will be getting access to daily flights and maximum domestic sectors have been linked with Mumbai and this makes it busiest hub in whole country.


The Shivaji Mumbai Chhatrapati International airport is regarded as one of the busiest airports and it opens the gateways to numerous countries.

There are numerous airlines like Delta, British Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa and Qanatas.

You will be easily getting access to the low cost airlines and through which you will be able to fly in an easy manner.

There are 2 terminals in the airport and they are employed for international and domestic purpose and they are located 4km apart from each other.

You will be easily getting access to the shuttle free bus service and through which the delays can be reduced.

When you will be going through the domestic and International airport, then you will be coming outside of airport and then you will be re-entering by international departures.

Terminal 1 is regarded as domestic terminal and 1A terminal will be serving the Kingfisher airlines and air India. 1B terminal will be will be accessing different private airlines and this includes Indigo, Jet Airways and Go air, Spice Jet. Domestic terminal is going through the long upgrade.

1B terminal is meeting with international standards and same process is going at 1A terminals. International terminal is terminal 2 and 2A terminal will be serving the international airlines.

2B terminal is considered to be non-operational and 2C terminal will be serving the Air India and partner airlines. 2C terminal is much better than all other and this airport is having access to low of fleapit as well as immigration is also. This is improving from last two to three years.

To and From the Airport

This airport is situated 28 kms through the downtown and you will be required to take the taxi for minimizing the hassles. You should not be paying more than Rs. 500 for this taxi and you can visit to Colaba and tourist districts.

You will be getting metered taxis for eventual destinations and this is the best thing and you should not visit from the longer route. You can give the Rs. 50 to Rs.100 as a tip. You will be easily getting access to the taxi offices and that will be very exiting for you.

If you are getting at a high rate, then you can wait till you get the lower rate one. You will be required to buy the coupon and this will be available at taxi offices. Registration number will be printed on the coupon number.

It is recommended that you should not be taking the lift and you may have to pay high charges. Charges are dependent on general areas and this will include tolls as well. Premium hotels will be providing you with private cars.

Drivers will not be facing with any problems for taking you to the various hotels and you should check the complete address and then visit the destination. Then only you will be able to avoid the delays.

You will be easily getting access to the taxi or bus for the station of Vile Parle and you can take trains as well. You should be traveling from the first class and avoid going in the morning rush. Travelling in evening time is the bets option.

Airport Parking

You will be getting access to paid parking at airport and you will have to pay Rs 60. Parking for longer term will be given to you in the premium area and this is very expensive at you will have to pay Rs.600 for each day.

Through Boat

There are many travel organizations that offer cruises to Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, etc. This industry of cruise is developing at a fast rate and you can reach Mumbai through cruises.

Ferry wharf will be providing you with access to beaches and islands and that lies in vicinity of Elephanta caves and city.

Through Train

Trains will be coming from whole India to Mumbai and this central line will be connecting to the Eastern India, North India and South India.

Some of the stations are Dadar Terminus, Kurla Terminus and Chattrapati Shivaji. Western line will be connecting to the western part of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Northern India.

Bandra and Mumbai Central are regarded as main terminus. Konkan Railway is administered separately and this will be traveling through Maharashtra Konkan coast and you will be able to go through Mangalore and Goa and this is known as Coastal Indian Paradise. Dadar Terminus will be regarded as destination line.

Through Road

Through Car

The numbers of national highways that is 4,3,8,6, 19 and 9 along with the Mumbai and Pune expressway will be radiating through the city and it will be linking to entire country. You will be getting access to the better road conditions. It is also equipped with the air-conditioned cabs of blue color and that will be available in Nashik-Ahmednagar and Pune. It will be available from the opposite of Asiad Bus Dadar terminal as well as Nappo Rd Lakhsmsi. It is located near to the eastern railway station. The distance of different cities is- From various states- Ahmedabad (12 hrs, 550 km), Cochin (1384 km), New Delhi (1407 km), and Mangalore (713km). From the state of Maharashtra- Ahmednagar(300km), Amravati (673km), Pune (2.5/3hrs, 160 km) and Nagpur(844 km).

Through Bus                                                                                                                           

Mumbai is one of the places that are being served by the buses.

Bus service of Asiad- This bus terminal is popular as the terminal of Asiad bus and it is located at Dadar east in Ambedakar Rd. This is one of the hubs through which the buses will be traveling to Pune and the frequency is fifteen minutes to one hour. Fares are in range of Rs.100 to Rs.200.

Buses are very comfortable and you will be getting access to luxury as well as ordinary buses along with air-conditioning. Nasik- Mumbai and satara are some of the other routes. In order to reach the terminals at earliest, you will be required to cross it through the help of pedestrian and this will be including Dadar terminus. You will be required to walk straight and it will be taking less then five minutes.

Private Buses

You will be easily getting access to the services of private buses and through which you will be able to visit the major cities such as- Hyderabad, Udaipur, Vadodara, Ajmer, Mangalore, Indore, Surat, Aurangabad, Nashik, Goa, Trichur. The buses will be leaving for Pune in every ten minutes.

Starting main points will be including- Dadar T.T, Crawford Market, Borivili and Chembur. The private reliable operators include- Konduskar, Paulo, Southern Travels, VRL, National, Sharma and Dophin.

ST Buses

Maharashtra transport Corporation is popular as ST and you will be getting access to the services from Mumbai and to various other cities as well.

Important terminus is Mumbai central and all the cities will be connected by this terminus only. You will be getting access to the buses and the quality will be varying.