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Gateway of India Architecture

The Indian Gateway is situated in Mumbai and this place was earlier called as the Bombay. This is one of the places that are most frequently visited by the tourists. Gateway of India arch will be having the appearance of hollow house and it comprises of concrete and basalt.

There is evolution of air and land and due to which the foreign and local visitors will not be coming to Mumbai through the sea route and they will be using the Gateway. This Indian gateway is regarded as the historical past symbol. Its architecture style has been taken from sixteenth century and that is basically design of Gujarat.

This is one of the Indo-saracenic styles and it is having influences of Architects of colonial British and this belongs to 1800 Architectural style has been taken from the Mughal Style of India as well as Gothic style of Britain.

Construction was started in the year 1911 and it got completed in year 1924. A lot of time was taken for the completion of the gateway and it also comprised of the sea walls that was to be constructed for arrest of soil erosion.

Indian Gateway will be starting through sea. You will be getting to see some of the commercial buildings and Taj Intercontinental and they will be providing you with the luxurious accommodations and you will be getting to enjoy the view of Arabian Sea.

There are hundreds of people that come from all over the world to check out this architecture of 83 years old. They love to check out this place and they will be getting access to best atmosphere as well.

This is one of the awesome places and you will be getting access to grandeur as well. If you visit Mumbai, then you need to check out this place.