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Travel To Gateway Of India

This is one of the best monuments and it is located in Mumbai Colaba district and this is an impressive sight in the city of Mumbai.

This monument is 26 meters tall and it is having the arch shaped structure. It was developed for welcoming the monarch of British.

This is one of the monuments that will be giving you the ancient looks and it got completed in the year 1924.

It was in year 1948, when British have left this place and then this monument had become the sore reminder and Indians will never be able to forget this.

Today, you will be easily getting access to large plaza that is functioning below the Indian Gateway and it is one of the central focuses of all the citizens.

This place is regarded as the meeting area and you will be getting to enjoy at the Colaba district.

This is one of the places that is having numerous hotels and you will be getting access to the specific price categories as well.

There are millions of foreign tourists that will be visiting this pace and you will be able to enjoy the Tower and Taj Mahal Palace as well.

It is one of the largest places and this place is regarded as the posh hotel.

You will be getting here to enjoy in the most popular hotel of all India.

You can plan your visit to this place and have the best time.