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Gateway of India Tourism

Indian Gateway is considered to be one of the important landmarks in the Mumbai and this place is also Commercial capital.

It is one of the most beautifully made monuments and it is also photographed as well.

This is one of the monuments that have been built as triumphal arches and Queen Mary and V King George had visited here in the year 1911.

It is having the shape of arch and it is also considered to be as a starting point and from this point only, tourists will be starting their journey.

This monument is having the 4 turrets and latticework, carved with the yellow stone basalt and it was built by British government.

This was the period when Raj got ended in year 1947 and it was thought to be as a colonial symbol and it is an epitaph as well.

British ships left from this place only and now it is considered to be an Indian symbol and they are attracting local citizens and tourists. You will be easily getting access to the steps that are leading down in water.

 You will be getting motor launches and this is short cruise and that goes through the natural harbor of Mumbai.

This monument is 25 metres high and it was designed through Gujrati Architect in sixteenth century. On its top, you will be finding the Apollo Bunder and it has having many gardens on the front side.

You will be easily getting access to the cruises and launches and it is always crowded by maximum number of people.