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In India, many governors and viceroys entered through this place and settled here and the place called as the Gateway Of India.  In year 1911, through the establishment of this monument, the King George V came and this time is the great time for the whole Empire of British and served as the monument of defeat of the India people by the British and their colonialisation in the India.  This monument was built just after the great monuments Taj Mahal and Tower hotel as this is the place from which the British came for the first time in India and this monument is basically popular as the great majesty and power of the British people. In the 17th century, a statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was established just next to this gateway who is a king that established the empire of Marathas in the mountain range of Sahyadri that is basically served as the symbol of courage and pride of the Marathas. On the occasion of Rebulic day in 1961, this statue was inaugurated.  Next to that, there is another statue named of Swami Vivekananda.

There were different land stages that are marked as Atomic Research Center is at first landing stage, commercial operations of ferry is at second and third landing stage, the fourth one remained closed, and the club of Royal Bombay Yacht is at fifth place. Just nearest to the club of Bombay Radio Presidency, a proposal was offered to built the new jetties along with replacing the old jetties just after the attacks of Mumbai in year 2008. There were elephant caves that were at the point of second and third jetties and around 50 minutes were taken to ride through the ferry to see that.  Through the ferry, there were different routes also towards the Mandwa and Alibaug.  These ferries were certified with the capacity of carrying the passengers. This monument is served as the main center of the tourists and lots of people gathered there including photographers, locals, and balloon sellers etc.  A venue for the popular and 23 years old festival named as Elephanta festival of Music and dance is decided to make this Gatelway by the Tourism Development Corporation of the Maharashtra in year 2012 due to the capacity of this monument.  The capacity of this monument is around 2,000 to 2,500 of people and the capacity of the caves of Elephanta is around 700 to 800 of peoples.