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About Gateway of India

There are millions of people that will be interested in knowing the relevant facts that are associated with the Gateway of India.

It is imperative that you will be surfing various sites through which you will be collecting a lot of information on the different aspects of this Indian monument.

It is of vital importance that you should be having all the relevant facts and data on the Gateway of India history.

It was in year 1911, in the month of December that this monument was built to commemorate Queen Mary and V king George visit in Delhi Durbar.

It was at that point of time only that stone of foundation was kept and the date was 31st of March and the year was 1911.

 This was done by the Sir Sydenham George Clarke and he was the Bombay Governor.

It was in the month of August in year 1914 that final design was sanctioned by the George Wittet.

The duration between to 1915 to 1919 comprises of numerous work reclamations and they were carried out at the Apollo Bundar and this was the only sea wall where the building had started.

The complete foundations were done in the year 1920 and the construction part was over in the year 1924.

 The opening of Gateway was done on the 4th of December in year 1924 and this was done by the Reading Earl, Viceroy.

Gammon India claimed that the concrete job was required for Indian Gateway foundation.

It was expected that British Troops will be leaving India and 1st Battalion of Light Somerset Infantry will be passing through Indian Gateway on 28th of February in year 1948.

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