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Boat Trips from Gateway of India


There is the presence of the sea steps behind this beautiful monument from where there is the view of sea front and a number of boats are present over there through which the tourists can see the natural harbor of the Mumbai at its natural apex of beauty as well as glory. Nominal charges are levied for the normal boats as well as paddle boats. Visitors can also visit the Elephanta Islands from this point.

Timings and Price

There is also the provision of the Ferry ride on the Gateway of India each and every day, for which one can buy tickets on the spot and the timings for this ride are right from 9.30 am to evening. The charges for this Ferry ride ranges from Rs.55 to Rs.120 per person and that is at the time of holidays, Festival seasons and weekends.

Main Attraction of Boat Trips from Gateway of India

• From the boats the visitors can have the view of awesome Arabian sea, Hotel Taj Palace, Gateway of India and the Mumbai harbor and Docks.

• This awesome monument has been designed on the basis of Indo-Saracenic style that is the mixture of the Gothic, Hindu, Victorian and Islamic architecture). This architecture was very popular during the period of Britishers in late 19th century as well as earlier period of 20th century. The distance covered by the boat ride is about 7 miles (11 Kilometers) that starts from the Gateway of India and covers the area of Elephanta Caves that is the world heritage site of UNESCO.

• This short and full of pleasure ride of ferries in the Arabian sea provides the view of a number of Ships docking at Mumbai port.

Types of Boat Ride from Gateway of India

1. Short Boat Ride from Gate way Of India

• By the ride of the boats the visitors are able to view the awesome view of the Mumbai Harbor, The Taj Palace as well as the Arabian Sea.

• These boats are not like leisure cruises. They are simply basic and safe for only short trips.

• The starting time of these boats is from 9:00 am till evening and regular boats are available at short intervals. The availability of these boats is at the complex of the Gateway of India.

• During the monsoon period when the sea gets Boats are not available when the situation of the sea is variable the riding of these boats is not allowed.

2. Boat To Elephanta Island (Elephanta Caves) from Gateway of India

• There is the group of caves on the Elephanta Island called as Elephanta Caves and also popular as “Gharapuri”, having religious carvings on them. Out of these 2 are the Buddhist caves and 5 are of Hindus. The main point of attraction over here is the “trimurti” that is the about 20 feet height three headed Murti of Lord Shiva.

• The starting time of boats is right from First boat departs at 9:00 am and regular boats are available after the interval of every thirty minutes. The timings of the last boat departing from the Gateway of India is about 2.30 PM. The timings of the first boat that departs from the Elephanta Island is 12.00 noon and the last departing boat from this island is at 5.30pm.

• The total charges levied for the boat riding for complete trip of Elephanta Caves is Rs.120.00 per person. For the tourists who want to have a walk over the Ferry’s top deck have to pay Rs.10 extra for that purpose other than nominal charges.

• During the trip the Ferry pass through the famous Butcher Island while going to Elephanta Island.
Tips for Visitors undertaking Boat Journeys from Gateway of India

• The seating capacity of these ferry boats is not more than 100 persons at a time and the boats toss and roll a little bit. All the persons who have problem of motion sickness must avoid hiring the boats.

• During the situation when the water of the sea is choppy one must avoid taking boat.

• While boarding the boats pick up your children in hands as getting over and off these boats is slightly scary and tricky. People those who are elder one must not take the boats.

• Various safety measures are available on these boats like lifebuoys etc. Despite that one must avoid sitting on the edges of these boats.

• The crowd density is maximum on the Gateway of India during holidays and weekends.