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Taj Mahal Palace Hotel

A five star hotel situated in Colaba in city of Mumbai is The Taj Mahal. This hotel is located just very close to Gateway of India.

The hotel is listed under the Taj hotels, resorts and Palaces and the hotel comprises of total 560 rooms and 44 suites. The hotel also provides huge employment having 1500 staff members comprising of 35 butlers. Considering the architectural and historical view of the house it contains two building one of this is referred as Taj Mahal Hotel while second is just called a tower. Bothe these have been constructed at two different times and give two distinct architectural views.

The services offered by this hotel to its guests have been incomparable and the hotel has been hosting prominent guests that include presidents to chiefs of industry and various guests from entertainment industry.


The hotel was opened for the guests for very first time on 16th December in year 1903. The hotel was set up by Tata.

The history of the setting up of the hotel was after Janshed Ji Tata was declined an entry to Mumbai’s one of the grand hotel, Watson’s hotel during his one of the visits to the city. He was denied entry to hotel on the context that hotel entertained only “white” guests. Though there have been various declinations to this story. Despite the other story linked to the existence of hotel is after one of the editors of The Times of India urged the need of a luxurious hotel in the city.

Architect behind the construction of hotel were Sitaram Khanderao Vaidya, D. N. Mirza and W. A. Chambers, an English engineer. The total cost incurred for the hotel was £250,000.

Hotel was set up as a hospital of 600 beds during World War I. In year 1973 another tower was set parallel to the existing tower.