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Haji Ali

About Haji Ali

The Dargah of Haji Ali is basically a mosque and this is situated on islet off coast and that is present in Southern Mumbai Worli part. This Dargah has been located in heart of city and that has been known as the Mumbai recognizable landmarks.

This is one of the best examples of Islamic Indian architecture and it has been associated with domed lovers and Dargah is having Hajji Sayed Peer Shah Ali Bukhari tomb.


This Dargah Sharief was constructed on the tiny islet and that is situated five hundred meters from coast. It is present on Worli Bay middle in Worli vicinity. This edifice is considered to be the best specimen of Islamic-indo architecture style.

This islet has been linked to Mahalakshmi precinct and it has been connected through narrow causeway and this is usually 0.62 miles long.

Your accessibility to this Dargah is dependent on tides and this will not be bounded through railings. When causeway will be getting submerged, then it will be becoming inaccessible.

This Dargah will be accessible only during the time of low tide. The walk that is present on causeway along with sea is present on each side and it is the trip highlights on a trip to shrine.

This whitewash structure will be occupying the area of 4000 square meters and this is 26 m tower. It is having sculpted entrance and the marble courtyard will comprise central shrine.

Tomb that is present inside of mosque will be covered through green and red chaddar and will be supported through amazing silver frame and that is supported through marble pillars.

Main hall is having marble pillars and that are artful work of mirror in yellow, green and blue glass chips and they are arranged in the kaleidoscopic patterns as well as Arabic patterns and that will be spelling Allah Ninety nine names. Muslims men and women will be getting access to separate rooms for paying respects.

During the time of high tide, Dargah will be isolated and it will be having no access and it gives the appearance of Small Island.