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Elephanta Caves

About Elephanta Caves

Elephanta Caves is a network of different sculpted caves that are situated on the Elephanta Island as well as Gharapuri and it is present in Mumbai. It is located in the eastern part of Mu,mbai city and it is 6.2 mi.

Island is situated on Arabian sea and it comprises if 2 groups- first is the 5 Hindu caves and second is smaller group that comprises of 2 Buddhist caves.

Hindu caves will be containing the stone sculptures that are having rock cut and they represent Hindu Shaiva sect and it has been dedicated to Shiva God.

The caves are having rock-cut architecture and they belong to the fifth and eight centuries. It has not been found out that who is original builder of these caves and they are made up of basalt solid rock.

These caves were painted and now they have traces only. This island was known by the name of Gharapuri and this is basically the Hindu worship place until it was rules by the Portuguese till 1534.

This was nabbed as island Elephanta by Portuguese and it is having gigantic statue similar to elephant in the entrance. This statue has been kept in garden and located outside of Daji Bhau Lad Museum and that is present at the Mumbai Byculla.

 It was in 1970’s when the renovation of cave had taken place and this was having the designation of world heritage UNESCO in year 1987 and this was for preserving artwork.

This is being currently maintained through ASI. Island is having 2 caves groups and that have architectural rock cut style and they were painted in basalt solid rock. Now, you will be getting the traces only.

Larger group comprises of 5 caves and it is present on western island hill and it is popular for Hindu sculptures. Cave 1 is known as primary cave and it is situated approximately 1 mile facing ocean side.

This is basically the temple on rock cut shape and it will be covering the area of sixty thousand square feet and it is also having the main chambers.

There are 2 lateral chambers, subsidiary shrines and courtyards. This is basically 39 meters deep and this themple is regarded as Shiva abode and its carvings will be revealing the several acts and forms.

If you will be visiting the eastern Island part on Stupa hill and then you will be getting small caves group and tat has Buddhist monuments house.

The name of the hill has been kept after Stupa religious monument and 2 caves are incomplete and the other will be containing Brick made Stupa.