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Attractions Near Gateway Of India

Indian gateway is considered to be a starting point for all those tourists who are planning to visit the Mumbai and this is basically the triumphal arch it was established for commemorates Queen Mary and King George V.

This is comprised of the 4 turrets and latticework has been carved in form of yellow stone basalt.

Raj got ended in year 1947 and colonial symbol was changed into the epitaph and British ships have sailed from this point only.

This is one of the symbols that has been Indianized and it attracts citizens and local tourists.

You will be getting access to different steps that are leading into water. You will be easily getting access to the motor launches and short cruise and you will be able to cruise through natural harbor.

This Indian gateway is an important monument of the Mumbai city and this is situated on southern part and this gateway is in the arch shape and it is having the 26 meters height.

This is in the Indo-Saracenic architecture and it has got few elements that has been taken from Muslim styles of architecture and that belongs to sixteenth Gujarat century.

This monument is the prized possession and you will be greeted through this monument only and it is a testimony to bygone era.

You will be getting to view the looms and there are numerous people that will be traveling to various Bombay parts and especially to Elephanta Island.

 Foundation stone of this landmark place was kept on 31st of March in year 1913 and it was kept by the Bombay Governor. 21 lakhs is the total cost of building this arch.

This is having 4 turrets and it is having the height of 26 meters. You will be getting access to the complex latticework and Main attraction of gateway of India is its Gujrati architecture.

You will be getting access to awesome structure and that will be the blend of Triomphe Arc de and it is located at Pris.

Indian gateway is one of the huge stones and it was constructed for commemorating British Monarch in India. Queen Mary and V king George had come in the month of December, 1911 and they laid foundations in 1913 December.

The construction of seawall had interrupted this project. It was in year 1920, in the month of May when the construction of monument had actually begun and it got opened in year 1924 in the month of December.

It is having yellow Khjarodi and its central dome is having the diameter of 14.4 m. The design was prepared through George Wittet Scotsman and he has popularized this Indo-Sarcenic style.

It will be giving the flamboyance similar to Gothic and has Indian Muslim architectural features. This designer had also designed Wales Museum, Science institute, Edward King Memorial hospital and various other buildings too.

You will be getting access to the triumphal style tradition and that has the significance in 16th century. It was in year 1948, February when British troops have passed away from this place.

This is one of the monuments that is being appreciated and it is situated in financial capital. It has led to displacement of harbor and has been realigned. Construction of monument had taken place in 20th century and it was having the price of 21 lakhs.

This financial assistance was provided through the Indian Government and this fund was insufficient for building this monument and due to which its construction was discarded for a longer period of time.

Finally, Construction of Indian Gateway was taken by the Gammon Limited India and it was established through JC Gammon.

It is recommended that you should be planning to visit this monument and you will be getting access to visit some of the historic places in this city.

It is one of the best places in whole India and you will be easily getting access to accommodation and transportation problems.

It is recommended that you should be planning your visit to this historic place for once in a while.