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Gateway of India The Taj Mahal of Mumbai

The Gateway of India is a major tourist spot in Mumbai , a popular local visit spot for Mumbai residents, with giant-balloon sellers and quick delivery photographers, ever crowded location mostly with people coming  for entertainment, holding amazing boat jetties on the interior, and monumental places in the front side, opposite to it stands the famous statue of Chharapati Shivaji maharaj, the brave king of Maharashtra, who strived hard to establish Maratha empire in Sahyadri mountain range in the 17th century, also another statue of Swami Vivekananda, the modern Saint who brought India’s importance to the attention of the western world,  few five star hotels around such as Taj Mahal, with a special lounge to have a closer view of this place, Gateway of india, all making it an exciting spot of visit in Mumbai for tourists, both local and international.

The Gateway of India was established as a monument during the British Raj   on the Apollo Bunder waterfront area in South Mumbai, a  construction 85 feet height in an arch form at the  harbour premises of Mumbai ,  was earlier a crude jetty for the fishing community,  later improved  as a landing place for British dignitaries those days, now busy with five jetties put into different uses.

With regard to the present function of jetties in Gateway of India,  the first one is exclusively kept for the use of  Atomic Research Centre, the second and third jetties are earmarked  for commercial ferry operations, which include  tours to Elephanta Caves, which will be a 50-minute boat ride,  transport for Alibaug and Mandwa jetties for onward travels by road,  the fourth being non-operational , the fifth is held by the Royal Bombay Yacht Club for the use of its members, some of the jetties found overloaded with its operations, also due to the Terrorists’ attack that happened in 2008, there are proposals to close all these jetties and construct new jetties in a new spot near Bombay Presidency Radio Club area, insuring better safety.

Going into gateway of india history, it was erected as a monument commemorating the landing of their Majesties King Georg V and Queen Mary in 1911, the construction which having been competed in 1924 , this spot later becoming the port of entry for Viceroys of India and the new Governors taking charge of Bombay,  ironically  becoming the  a target of terror attacks in recent times , twice in the year 2003 , one in 2008 when  the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, with couple of nearby residential areas were put todistress.

Recently Gateway of India was made the venue for the Elephanta Festival of Music and Dance which was conducted every year for the past 23 years in Elephanta Caves by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation to improve the convenience of participants.
Other significant events connected with Gateway of India include Gandhi’s return to India after his remarkable success story in South Africa fighting for Indians and the British Soldiers exiting through this Gate when India obtained Independence.