About Gateway Of India Mumbai
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  There are millions of people that will be interested in knowing the relevant facts that are associated with the Gateway of India...   Indian Gateway is considered to be one of the important landmarks in the Mumbai and this place is also Commercial capital...   This is one of the best monuments and it is located in Mumbai Colaba district and this is an impressive sight in the city...  
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About Gateway Of India Mumbai

Gateway of India Mumbai

The Indian gateway is one of the monuments that are located in Mumbai and this city was initially known as Bombay, India.

This Gateway of India is situated at Apollo waterfront Bunder Area in the southern Mumbai.

This gateway is one of the basalt arches and is located 26 meters high. This is one of the monuments that were used as the crude jetty through the fisher folks and then it was renovated.

British governors used this place as the landing place and it was occupied by the distinguished passengers as well.

There was an era, when this monument was seen by all those people that used to arrive through the help of boat and they would be witnessing the Bombay city.

 This is one of the monuments that are having the combination of Muslim as well as Hindu Architectural style and the arch has been made in style of Muslim and decorations have been done in the Hindu style.

This monument has been built through the yellow basalt as well as reinforced concrete.

The stones can be obtained locally and they were perforated screens that were purchased from the Gwalior.

The central dome of this monument is approximately 49 feet and that is 15 meters in the diameter range and it is also 85 feet that is 26 meters above the ground and that is located on its highest point.

The harbor has been realigned and the planning of esplanade has been made through which sweeping can be done from the down stage.

The entire construction of this monument has a cost of approximately Rs. Twenty-one lakhs.

This entire expenditure that has been done has been borne by the Indian government.

The Indian government was not having access to the proper funds and therefore they were not able to so the construction of approach road.

It is one of the main reasons due to which Gateway of India will be standing on its angle and the roads will be leading towards it.

If you are planning to make your visit to this place, then you should definitely ensure to visit this place and you will be having a lot of fun and excitement as well.

You can plan the trip to this monument along with your family and friends and you will love the architecture and the various designs that have been made on it.